Eli Verschleiser is a real estate developer andreal estate investor, investing in commercial real estate projects primarily in the tri-state area, as well as throughout the East Coast of the United States of America.  One of his most grandiose projects includes the development of Trump Tower in Philadelphia by The Verschleiser Multi Capital Group.

Some of his real estate developments and investments have been featured in publications like Real Estate Journal

For years, Eli Verschleiser has been an avid supporter of organizations helping children in need. Two of the most important ones include Verschleiser Foundation - Our Place, a Brooklyn–based center for teens struggling with substance abuse and related issues, and Verschleiser Magenu Foundation which fights against child abuse and promotes children safety awareness in general. The Magenu foundation also organizes a yearly event that Eli Verschleiser sponsors, Safety Day.

For more information, please check Eli Verschleiser’s LinkedInprofile,Eli Verschleiser’s videos on Youtube or Eli Verschleiser’s Facebook profile.


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